Minimalist Interior Design: What It Is And Why It’s Great

Minimalist interior design isn’t exactly what some people think it is. The term can actually mean many things, but to most people who know about the subject, it means clean, simple, clutter-free design that includes very few knickknacks, bowls of fruit or bookcases full of unread books. It is interior… Read more »

Frugal Living: How It’s Different From Simple Living

Frugal living often gets lumped in with simple living or the minimalist lifestyle, but it isn’t exactly the same thing. Still, the concepts are closely related and can complement each other. In the minds of most people who choose frugality, frugal living is about saving money at every turn. People… Read more »

Minimalist Glasses: Good Online Prescription Glasses For Less

For many of us, part of minimalist living is eliminating hassles and overspending from our lives, but finding discount prescription glasses isn’t easy if you’re shopping at a local store. Mall eyeglasses stores are overgrown and overpriced. Fortunately there’s an alternative that makes sense — whether you want minimalist glasses or… Read more »

Sustainable Living Fits Perfectly With Minimalist Living

Sustainable living — sometimes called green living — fits in perfectly with a simple, minimalist lifestyle because both ways of living focus on careful analysis of how you live — and making decisions that have the fewest negative consequences possible. In the case of sustainable living, the goal is to… Read more »

Minimal Shoes: Do They Fit With Minimalist Living?

Minimalism is a bit of a fad these days, and marketers are targeting some products especially to those of us who enjoy minimalist living. But do so-called minimal shoes — including those barefoot or five-finger shoes that let you feel the ground under your feet and related styles and types… Read more »

Voluntary Simplicity: What Is It?

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Essentially, “voluntary simplicity” is just another phrase that can be used interchangeably with minimalist living, simple living or frugality. For some, however, the phrase has additional meaning. Voluntary simplicity can sometimes mean living a life that’s off-grid, rural, without running water or electricity or extreme in some other ways. To… Read more »