About Eric Parker

I’m Eric Parker, your host for this website, Minimalist Living Today. I’m an Internet entrepreneur and longtime advocate a simpler, minimalist lifestyle that isn’t complicated by clutter of any sort. That includes junk, complicated designs and that mental fog that sabotages our best laid plans too.

This isn’t my only website, but it that makes it no less close to my heart. I only write about things I find appealing, useful and fun to pursue. You might enjoy one or more of my other sites.

If you have dry eyes or computer vision syndrome as I do, please visit my site about that topic, Clear Your Eyes.

If you happen to find yourself looking to connect with the gay and lesbian community in Fort Worth, Texas, I hope you’ll visit Gay Fort Worth.

Finally, if you have a few minutes and want to explore interesting articles on a variety of unrelated topics, visit my “everything else” site, Conspiracy of Good.

I’m always available to answer any questions or comments you may have as well. Please email eric@conspiracyofgood.com.