About MLT

Minimalist Living Today is a website devoted to promoting simple living in all its forms. Although people have many names for the lifestyle that involves eliminating the dependence on things and increasing dependence on our own resourcefulness, we’re all after the same goal: fewer distractions in our homes, our brains and our lives and less mindless consumerism.

Some people who choose simple living as their path in life call this lifestyle minimalist living and choose to reduce clutter and simplify the design of their homes and work spaces to cut complications. Others call the same thing voluntary simplicity. Followers of minimalist living may also be interested in minimalist art, minimalist design and related esthetics.

Many people choose a simple life because their finances afford them no choice. Sometimes called frugal living or simply frugality, this version of the simple way of living focuses on spending as little money as possible while still maintaining comfort in life in every way possible. They may also be interested in debt-free living, frugal meals and other specific aspects of frugality.

Still others choose to live more simply because they believe in the necessity of sustainable living – with a goal of avoiding waste of resources and being better stewards of the planet and the many gifts it provides.

While many think of frugality and simplicity as movements led by women, simple living is also practiced by many men. While they often prefer the term minimalist living to simple living, the idea is the same. And they look for simple male grooming products like henna beard dye, wooden beard combs and environmentally friendly soaps – among many other things.

There is a danger of getting too wrapped up in minimalist products and actually spending more money and getting less from life because of insisting on a minimalist lifestyle. But when practiced sensibly and with an avoidance of consumerism, living the simple life can be a smart choice.

Explore this site to learn more about simple, minimalist living in all its forms. It’s a way of life that will surely serve you well if you do it right.