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Frugality: It’s (Mostly) About Saving Money

So which are you: Prudent? Economical? Sparing? Thrifty? Or simply frugal? If you practice frugality, you’re very likely all these things and more. Frugality is the quality or concept of being frugal, and being frugal means using restraint when acquiring goods and services. In other words, if you’re frugal you think… Read more »

What Is Simple Living? A 450-Word Introduction

Simple living means different things to different people, but these people and their practices share some things in common. Still, no one discussion of this lifestyle choice could ever be complete. The term simple living can be used synonymously with minimalist living or voluntary simplicity — although some people may… Read more »

Simple Living Magazine? We’ve Got You Covered!

People sometimes arrive at Minimalist Living Today because they’ve done a search for Simple Living magazine and can’t find the publication they’re looking for. Instead, they find one of my article about simple living. Now, I’m making it even simpler for you if Simple Living magazine is what you seek…. Read more »

Minimalist Living Room: 9 Tips For Designing A Room That Fits You

A minimalist living room can be anything you want it to be, but some things fit better into a minimalist lifestyle than others. In general, design yourself a room that has only essential furniture, very few if any knickknacks or art objects and simple, pleasing, soothing colors — and you… Read more »