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Frugal Living: How It’s Different From Simple Living

Frugal living often gets lumped in with simple living or the minimalist lifestyle, but it isn’t exactly the same thing. Still, the concepts are closely related and can complement each other. In the minds of most people who choose frugality, frugal living is about saving money at every turn. People… Read more »

Minimal Shoes: Do They Fit With Minimalist Living?

Minimalism is a bit of a fad these days, and marketers are targeting some products especially to those of us who enjoy minimalist living. But do so-called minimal shoes — including those barefoot or five-finger shoes that let you feel the ground under your feet and related styles and types… Read more »

Frugality: It’s (Mostly) About Saving Money

So which are you: Prudent? Economical? Sparing? Thrifty? Or simply frugal? If you practice frugality, you’re very likely all these things and more. Frugality is the quality or concept of being frugal, and being frugal means using restraint when acquiring goods and services. In other words, if you’re frugal you think… Read more »